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Rich Brian & Guapdad 4000 Unite For “Bali”


Rich Brian & Guapdad 4000


Why is everybody trying to go to Bali as of late?

Lowkey, Rich Brian dropped one of the best projects of 2019 in The Sailor. What I find very interesting about the album is that it does its best to steer clear of today’s brand of music. Unfortunately (Or maybe, fortunately), “Bali,” Brian’s latest single, sounds like s**t you would hear on the radio today.

“Bali” is powered by a colorful trap beat, poor singing, and tons of braggadocios lyrics. While the melody that Rich Brian gifts us with on the song straddles the line between infectious and annoying, he does do a great job of authentically sticking his chest out lyrically. As for Guapdad 4000, he dropped a very forgettable verse on the song.

I pressed play on a Rich Brian song and heard nothing but Nav (SMH).

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