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Tory Lanez – The New Toronto 3 (Album Review)


Tory Lanez channels his old self to pay homage to his new self on “The New Toronto 3.”





Tory Lanez is a talented muthaf**ka! Not only is he capable of singing his ass off on a song, but he is also capable of gifting us with an unadulterated club banger, too.

“Do The Most” features a version of Tory Lanez that is melodic, brash, unapologetic, gangsta, and slightly nasty. Below are some of the crazy-ass things he says in the song:

Play me wrong, shit, I might fuck it up (Shit, I might fuck it)
You lookin’ good in them jeans, shit, I might touch and nut (I might touch and nut)
Shit like, this one chick back in the day, she tried to put me out
I put on her knees and I put it in her mouth
I got a fresh outfit and I must say
When I step in that bitch, don’t touch me (Touch me)
When I’m starin’ in the mirror, don’t be rushin’ my shit (Don’t be rushin’)
See my hairline fresh, don’t be touchin’ my shit (Ha, ha)
‘Cause I’ma get my ex bitch back (Back)
Have her on some how you got it like that (Like that)
From the air, girl, you see me at the ware’
I’m a boss, throwin’ salt, kill a snail, not a player (I’m not a player)

Tory has become the king of strip club songs.




“Letter To The City 2” isn’t the most entertaining track on The New Toronto 3, but it’s definitely the juiciest. Throughout it, Tory Lanez raps calmly about stiff-arming detractors, his expiring record deal, his love for money, his hate for condoms, his appreciation for Sean Kingston, and his admiration for Melii.

Though I think Tory Lanez puts up a so-so performance rapping-wise on “Letter To My City 2,” it’s the relief I hear in his voice that catches my attention the most about the song. (You can tell that he got some serious s**t off of his chest).




Boy, did Tory Lanez open up The New Toronto 3 explosively! “Pricey & Spicey” is trill, dark, and realer than Erykah Badu’s booty.

“Pricey & Spicey” features this riveting beat that sounds like it was made by both Metro Boomin and Beethoven. Over it, Tory spits bars about mobbin, hustling, and overcoming serious odds. Though the Canadian rapper sounds like he’s huffing and puffing more than a wolf on the song, lyrically, he comes across like that one pig that built the sturdiest house on the block.




Tory Lanez has become a professional at talking s**t.

“Broke In A Minute” features this erratic beat that may cause seizures. Over it, Tory raps brashly about his luxurious items, womanizing ways, and knack for shutting down haters.

While I f**k with the trillness Tory raps with throughout “Broke In A Minute,” I couldn’t help but notice that he sounds very similar to SmokePurpp on the song.

Love your partner like Tory Lanez loves himself.




I get it, The New Toronto 3 is all about tough-ass records, but “Penthouse Red” is an R&B jam that is too good to ignore.

“Penthouse Red” is powered by this serene instrumental that gives off both new and old school vibes. Over it, Tory Lanez gifts us with succulent melodies and heartfelt vocals. As for lyrically, the 28-year-old comes across like someone that is tired of the bulls**t that his girl has been putting him through for the last couple of months in the song.

If you let me do me, I’m probably going to burn my house down trying to broil some hot dogs.


1. PRICEY & SPICEY (4.5/5)



4. 10 FUCKS (4/5)



7. BROKE A MINUTE (4.5/5)

8. PAIN (3/5)

9. ADIDAS (4/5)

10. WHO NEEDS LOVE (4/5)

11. DO THE MOST (4/5)

12. PENTHOUSE RED (4.5/5)

13. LETTER TO THE CITY 2 (3.5/5)


15. D.N.D. (4/5)





Tory Lanez is a very entertaining social media personality, but we must not forget how great of a musician he is. With that being said, on The New Toronto 3, I feel like he spits bars relentlessly and lets his heart bleed incautiously.

On The New Toronto 3, Tory puts up a rap performance that is beyond stunning. As a listener, you’re going to love how hungrily he delivers his bars, you’re going to love how he straddles the line between braggadocios and humble, and most importantly, you’re going to love how he rides every single beat on the album. While I prefer to listen to Tory sing, I can’t help but be glued to my seat listening to him spit.

As good as Tory Lanez is on The New Toronto 3, the production you hear on the album might be better. The beats you hear on it are dark, soulful, cinematic, exhilarating, trap-inspired, and club-ready. Kudos must go to all of the producers that did work on The New Toronto 3.

Tory Lanez is easily one of the most annoying anti-heroes in the game right now. What makes him an anti-hero and not a villain, though, is that he really did put in work to get to where he is now; you can’t hate on that.

12 thoughts on “Tory Lanez – The New Toronto 3 (Album Review)

  1. You heavy slept on Accidents Happen. Disrespectful to score it lower than The Coldest Playboy which is easily the worst song on the album.

    1. For some odd reason, I didn’t mess with “Accidents Happen” all that much. Interestingly, I thought “The Coldest Playboy” was solid, but too short.

    2. yo facts accidents happen slapped. I could be biased though because of Lil Tjay’s fire verse

      1. I may not think the song is great, but I definitely agree that it slaps! It’s definitely one of the tougher songs on the album. To me, Lil Tjay and Polo G are two really dope young rappers.

  2. Beautiful Album:
    Favorite Tracks: Broke in a minute, Accidents happen, 10 fucks, who needs love, do the most
    Least Favorite Track: The Coldest Playboy

    1. I mess with your top 5! Like I told Tyler, I’m not feeling “Accidents Happen,” but I’ll keep listening to it. “Who Needs Love” is hot, but it was missing something to me. “10 Fucks” was catchy, but a bit of a weird song.

  3. My top 5:
    1. Accidents happen (80+)
    2. Broke In A Minute (80+)
    3. Who needs love (75)
    4. 10 Fucks (75)
    5. DND (75)

    Bottom 5:
    12. Pain (30)
    13. Letter to the city 2 (30)
    14. MSG for god’s children (20)
    15. Adidas (20)
    16. The coldest playboy (5+)

    1. Why does everyone think “Accidents Happen” is so good? I thought the track was solid at best… I’ll keep listening lol! BTW, I mess with your top 5!

  4. I don’t think it’s extremely good. I just think it’s the best song on the album. That track is also the most popular on YouTube (excluding single tracks). I like it due to it having the 2nd to best beat and the catchy hook. That track I found impossible to not vibe to. My head bopped on its own lol. I respect your opinion but though. I personally found Penthouse red to be solid, but it sounded like a generic Lanez track, but it definitely wasn’t bad.

    1. Interesting info. Yea, to me, “Accidents Happen” sounds like it could be made by anyone. I didn’t find it unique at all (FYI, I listening to the song ten more times since reading everyone’s comments). But I get it. As usual, I love and value your opinion!

  5. Who Needs Love and Penthouse Red are my faves for sure. I love how you described his contrasting personality and I agree, he definitly straddles the line between being bragadicious and being humble <3

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