Bryson Tiller



Bryson Tiller was practicing social distancing way before the Coronavirus pandemic. Yes, he has dropped a few singles these last couple of months, but none of them has felt like some real-deal s**t. With that being said, “Slept On You,” the Louisville singer’s latest single, is realer than my chances of taking a dump today.

“Slept On You” is on some classic Bryson Tiller s**t. Not only do you get a beat that blends old school R&B with present-day trap vibes on the song, but you also get lyrics by Tiller that makes him come across like an unassuming savage. Unfortunately, “Slept On You” isn’t the lead single for Tiller’s new album; it’s just some s**t he decided to release for the f**k of it.

Listen to “Slept On You” at the top of the page!