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Sonya Teclai Gets Sensual On “Itch”

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Sonya Teclai


There’s nothing wrong with wanting your old thing back…

Sonya Teclai is a talented singer/songwriter that doesn’t mind showing boatloads of passion in the music that she makes. In her latest single, “Itch,” Teclai lets the world hear her gloat about one of her favorite exes to-date.

“Itch” is powered by this very sluggish R&B beat. Over it, Sonya audaciously lets the world know that she misses her exes touch, love, and presence. What I enjoy most about the performance that you get from the part-time poet on the song is that she treats every single note she delivers like the last bottle of hand sanitizer at the grocery store.

Listen to “Itch” at the top of the page!




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