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Damola Davis Pays Homage To Single Women On “Vacationship”

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Damola Davis


Damola Davis applauds women that are more concerned with having fun than settling down on “Vacationship.”

Damola Davis is a highly-talented musician from Ibadan, Nigeria (He was born in London) that has been making hit after hit these last couple of years. “Vacationship,” his latest hit, is currently getting tons of streams on all major music platforms.

If you are a lover of afrobeat, Caribbean or island music, you will absolutely love “Vacationship!” For starters, the song features an instrumental that is as authentically African as Jollof rice. As for the performance that you get from Damola Davis, it is outstanding! Not only does he hit us with memorable melodies and succulent vocals, but he also accurately describes what it feels like to date a woman that seeks fun experiences over serious relationships (Sometimes having fun is better than being in a committed relationship, right?).

Taking women on trips around the globe: Expensive. Jamming out to Damola Davis’ song about taking women on trips around the globe: Priceless!





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