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Jace Heyman Chases After His Ex On “Drunk Text”

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Jace Heyman


Who hasn’t drunk texted their ex at 2 AM before?

Jace Heyman has the “It” factor, to me. In my opinion, he is great at making music that is appealing and is someone that has outstanding stage presence. In the next couple of weeks, Jace will release a new EP called Lovin’ Under The Influence.

“Drunk Text” features an island beat, R&B vibes, and relatable lyrics. While you’re going to love how Jace Heyman talks about drunkenly flirting with his ex after an unsuccessful night at the club in the song, don’t ignore the highly-infectious melody and silky smooth vocals that he gifts us with.

Any song that can make me think about texting my crazy-ass ex needs to be crowned! (You are a magician, Jace)



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