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Kehlani Releases “Everybody Business”

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Kehlani lets the world know that she is unbothered by your internet trolling.

It’s hard to believe that Kehlani is only 24-years old! Since she’s been on this earth, she has dated R&B stars, NBA stars, bloods, crips, women, cartoon characters, Dr. Fauci, etc, etc. Today, the Bay Area singer has decided to let the world know that she doesn’t care what you think about her romantic life by releasing the very confrontational “Everybody Business.”

I am on the side of both the guy and the lady on the intro to this song. Yes, Kehlani can date anyone she wants, but once you publically announce who you are dating to the world, you open yourself up to criticism. With that being said, I love how Kehlani tackles all of her moves head-on in her music.

Listen to “Everbody Business” at the top of the page. On it, Kehlani puts up a wonderful vocal performance and opens up quite a bit.


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