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Sepsiss Relieves COVID-19 Stress With “Songs In Quarantine (No Strings Attached)”

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I needed a beautiful song like “No Strings Attached” in my life!

We are living in some pretty messed up times right now. As each day passes, it seems like the news about COVID-19 gets worse and worse around the globe. Personally, I try to block out all the drama by listening to music that is uplifting, soul-clinching, and organic. “No Strings Attached,” one of Sepsiss’ songs off of their “Songs In Quarantine” series, covers all three of the characteristics I just mentioned.

First and foremost, I want to acknowledge the instrumental that powers “No Strings Attached” — It is both pure and invigorating (Kudos to William Savant & Mr. Goodbarz). As for the vocal performances that you get from both Savant and Melissa Wolfe on the song, they are beyond outstanding! Not only do the two singers do everything in their power to warm your soul with their passionate crooning, but they also show the world how important it is to have good chemistry with one another when it comes to creating duets. The cherry that goes on the top of “No Strings Attached” is the truly heartfelt/enchanting lyrics that you get throughout the song; it damn-there made me shed a tear!

Listen to “Songs In Quarantine (No Strings Attached)” at the top of the page!



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