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Khadi Lee Gets Sensual On “Fall Down”

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Khadi Lee


“Fall Down” will get something started at the telly.

Khadi Lee definitely has a bright future. Not only does he have the voice of a superstar singer, but he also knows how to blend new school R&B vibes with old school R&B vibes in his music. “Fall Down,” Khadi’s latest single, is an infectious tune that has a nice little tempo attached to it, lyrics that are sensual, and vocals that are outstanding.

“Fall Down” features the following: Passionate lyrics about being swept off your feet by beauty, a beat that straddles the line between trill and serene, and melodies that are beyond memorable. If you don’t walk away from the song loving your woman/man a little more, you must have an icebox where your heart used to be.

Listen to “Fall Down” by Khadi Lee at the top of the page. Trust me, it will give you the R&B fix you need.



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