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Joyner Lucas Calls On G-Eazy & Yandel For A Remix To “Lotto”


Joyner Lucas, G-Eazy & Yandel


This “Lotto” remix is beyond pointless.

Personally, I think “Lotto” is the best song on Joyner Lucas’ ADHD album. Today, a remix to the song has hit the net, and in my opinion, it is subpar.

“Lotto (Remix)” features both Yandal and G-Eazy. While the former hits us with contributions that expand on the song’s Spanish roots, the latter hits us with a verse that has him proclaiming himself to be the best thing since white sliced bread. As for Lucas, he actually blesses us with a brand new verse that has him begging to be on Drake’s album and talking about his surprising come-up (Rappers don’t usually drop new verses on remixes these days).

Check out “Lotto (Remix)” at the top of the page.

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