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Travis Scott & Kid Cudi Drop “The Scotts”

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Travis Scott & Kid Cudi


La Flame and Cudi turn up the heat on “The Scotts!”

Kid Cudi’s return to music has been the only thing that has made me smile these last couple of weeks. On “Leaders Of The Delinquents,” his single from last week, not only did the Cleveland musician prove to the world that he is more than capable of spitting tough-ass bars, but he also proved that he can still hum his ass off, too. Today, on “The Scotts,” he proves to the world that he and Travis Scott have slept-on chemistry.

“The Scotts” features a beat that straddles the line between some club s**t and some futuristic s**t, a verse by Travis Scott that straddles the line between melodic and trill, and a verse by Kid Cudi that straddles the line between gangsta and braggadocios. On the real, while listening to the song, I nodded my head and thought about throwing all the money have in my wallet in the air (All five dollars).

If we are going to get new music from Kid Cudi every week, 2020 might not be that bad after all…

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