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Young Dolph Opens Up About COVID-19 On “Sunshine”

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Young Dolph


Dolph > Dr. Fauci.

Young Dolph has been relatively quiet these last couple of months. Besides your occasional social media post, he has been playing the back while his city has continued to emerge as one of hip-hop’s powerhouses. Today, Dolph has decided to make his triumphant return to the music scene with “Sunshine.”

“Sunshine” is more of a life update than an actual song. On it, Young Dolph talks about COVID-19 and how he is living his best quarantine life, how he is confused by some of the s**t that has come out of the president’s mouth, and how he is still cakin’ though he isn’t really working. As expected, the Memphis rapper hits us with a style of rapping on the song that is as nonchalant as it gets. (Maybe he has an antibody in him, so he isn’t scared of catching COVID)

Check out “Sunshine” at the top of the page.

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