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The Many Sides Of $TYLJA aka Daraja Hakizimana




$TYLJA gifts us with a brand new album called Enter $tylja.

$TYLJA is one talented dude. Not only is he a solid rapper, but he also paints. On Enter $tylja, the MRB honcho spits bars that make him come across like both a G and a guy that has a very artistic mind.

There are a lot of things to like about Enter $tylja. For starters, I absolutely love the beats on the album; most of them are smooth, most feature trill vibes and most remind me of some old school rap s**t. Over each beat, you get bars by $TYLJA that are unapologetically gangsta and boss personified. You also get flows by him that are dynamic and deliveries that are compelling.

What’s cool about Enter $tylja is that it features guest appearances by a bunch of MRB artists. On the album, you get tough-ass verses and hooks by My Boy Wolf, Londen, MagniFly, N2ition, and Kayee. To me, each person compliments $TYLJA’s sly style of rapping masterfully.

Listen to Enter $tylja below!




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