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Crazy Lazy Takes Aim At His Critics On “What You Tryna Do”

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Crazy Lazy


Crazy Lazy ain’t playing around, folks…

If you aren’t hip to Crazy Lazy, you’re missing out. Not only is he a dope-ass rapper, but he also has a social media following that is growing at a rapid pace. On “What You Tryna Do,” Lazy’s latest single, he lets the world know why we should follow his wave.

On “What You Tryna Do,” Crazy Lazy brags about both his expensive diamonds and bashful choppers and also talks about putting his ops to shame. What I love about the song is that it features raps by the Deerfield (FL) native that are delivered slyly, a beat that combines trap vibes with sobering vibes masterfully, and tons of trash talk! (Who doesn’t love trash talk?)

Listen to “What You Tryna Do” by Crazy Lazy at the top of the page.

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