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Lil Tjay Drops “Ice Cold” On His 19th Birthday

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Lil Tjay


Brother, you’re going have better birthdays than your 19th.

Whether you old heads like it or not, Lil Tjay has next. The fact that he already has a few hits at the tender age of 19 is hella impressive. Today, the New York rapper decided to up the ante when it comes to music-making by dropping the very passionate “Ice Cold.”

Lil Tjay has progressed as an artist these last couple of months. To me, the melodies he has been dropping sound crispier, his lyrics have gotten a bit more meaningful, and his presence on the mic has gotten mightier. With that being said, on “Ice Cold,” I personally think Tjay gifts us with a performance that only proves my point that he has a bright future ahead of him.

In three years, Lil Tjay, Jaden Smith, and Polo G will be running the game (Who wants to bet?).

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