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Machine Gun Kelly Goes Punk On “Bloody Valentine”

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Machine Gun Kelly


We are losing hip-hop Machine Gun Kelly at a rapid pace.

Machine Gun Kelly has never come across as a rapper, to me. Instead, I’ve always viewed him as a rockstar that knows how to rap. With that being said, on “Bloody Valentine,” Kelly’s latest single, he goes full-on Mark Hoppus.

“Bloody Valentine” is powered by an instrumental that combines tumultuous drumming with exhilarating guitar-play. Over it, Machine Gun Kelly plays a desperate psycho that is willing to pursue any form of love the world can offer. On the song, the Cleveland rapper trades his trill rapping ways for a style of singing that I believe causes long-term damage to your larynx.

Check out “Bloody Valentine” at the top of the page. Also, if you are Machine Gun Kelly’s friend, can you check on his well-being for me? Thanks in advance!

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