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Alvin Shines On The Very Hypnotizing “Sentient”

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Alvin is both a phenomenal singer and a top-notch songwriter.

Pardon my language, but I think Alvin can sing his ass off! Not only is he capable of reaching the highest of notes, but he also knows how to accurately display his emotions through passionate vocals. On Seven Oaks, Alvin’s latest EP, he hooks us up with music that is hypnotizing, soulful, and heart-wrenching.

Though every single song on Seven Oaks is great, my favorite one is “Sentient.” On it, Alvin sleekly lets the world know that he is seeking love that is unguarded and fertile. While the song is as smooth as it gets, it has this level of trillness attached to it that is hard to ignore. The song also features a memorable chorus and infectious melodies.

Make sure you check out “Sentient” at the top of the page. Also, check out Seven Oaks HERE!




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