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6ix9ine Makes His Triumphant Return With “GOOBA”

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GOD put 6ix9ine on this earth to troll.

I’m not going to talk about 6ix9ine being a snitch over and over again in this post, as I feel like it’s a waste of time. What I will talk about is his ability to drop a solid new single after doing a bunch of snitching (Dammit, I just talked about him snitching).

6ix9ine made “Gooba” to piss people off. The song features an explosive beat, tons of trash-talking, and a style of rapping that straddles the line between GOD-awful and entertaining (I admit, he sounds pretty solid when he raps with his inside voice, though). While no one on this planet is brave enough to admit that the song is good, what they will admit is that dude knows how to effectively get under people’s skin.

Seriously, how can that many black women openly shake their ass on the video to this song? Do they listen to the news?

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