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Listen To “Tha Ceremony” By Majeur




Majeur is untamable in Tha Ceremony.

The artwork attached to Tha Ceremony should tell you all you need to know about the EP. (The artwork to the EP features darkness around what I am assuming is a blurred image of Majeur’s face) What it tells me is that Majeur is clearly a complicated figure that never settles for simple when he makes music. With that being said, on Tha Ceremony, the long-haired rapper lets his mind roam freely.

Tha Ceremony features music that is dark, trill, unorthodox, trap-heavy, and catchy. While each song on the EP slaps, each song also contains lyrics that are deep. If you are in the mood for music that comes for your life but also makes you want to go on a rage fest, “Tha Ceremony” is perfect for you!

Listen to Tha Ceremony below!




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