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A$AP Ferg Drops “Feel Some Type Of Way Freestyle”

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A$AP Ferg


Whoa, A$AP Ferg hits us with a very unique style of rapping on this song!

A$AP Ferg has officially made his mark on 2020. Today, the Harlem rapper decided to release “Feel Some Type Of Way Freestyle” — an intoxicating banger that has him sounding like Big Sean.

I’m not going to lie, I thought A$AP Ferg was a better screamer than a rapper. By releasing “Feel Some Type Of Way,” he proves me wrong. Throughout the song, not only does he hit us with a style of rapping that is pacifying but you also get lyrics by him that are deep as s**t (He talks about the appreciation/disdain he has for his main chick in the song). I can honestly say that I love this version of Ferg.

Who said a tiger can’t change their stripes?

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