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Lil Skies Drops “Riot”


Lil Skies


Lil Skies ain’t playing around on “Riot.”

Lil Skies has been dropping music quite a bit lately. Just a few weeks ago, he released two singles, “Fidget” and “Havin My Way.” Unfortunately, both songs did nothing for me. Today, Skies has decided to release “Riot” — a song that actually gets me hyped up.

“Riot” has Lil Skies sounding gassed up, gangsta, and boss-like. If I were to guess, the hard-hitting beat that powers the song is what brought out a version of the rapper that is hyperfocused (Kudos to CashMoneyAP).

I’m blasting “Riot” in my basement this weekend! (I’m not going to a club to party with you sickos this weekend)

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