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Tinashe & ZHU Unite For “Only”

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Tinashe & ZHU


“Only” straddles the line between weird and dope masterfully.

I don’t think Tinashe gets enough credit for being a versatile musician. I’ve heard her on some hardcore hip-hop s**t, smooth R&B s**t, and white people pop s**t these last couple of years. On “Only,” the Los Angeles singer tackles some House s**t, and as expected, she excels.

“Only” does everything in its power to make you want to dance. It has a nice little tempo attached to it, in addition to a back and forth between Tinashe and ZHU that is beyond intoxicating. On the real, “Only” is the type of song they used to play at Marvin before hood black people figured the club out.

If I ever get divorced, I’m shooting my shot at Tinashe.

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