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BernShotta Takes A Trip To The Moon On “Mothership”

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BernShotta is higher than my daily intake of calories on “Mothership.”

If you are a smoker, being locked up at home because of this coronavirus s**t has probably forced you to rollup more than you usually do. For BernShotta, the good news is this: He is more than capable of spitting dope-ass bars when he is as high as a kite. With that being said, on “Mothership,” the Texas rapper puts up a performance that might f**k around and make you catch second-hand smoke.

BernShotta is high and unbothered on “Mothership.” Throughout the song, he drops unapologetic bars about smoking with his homies, being fried all the time, and lounging around. Though Shotta raps with a style that sounds a bit sluggish, at the end of the day, if you are an avid smoker, you’re going to be able to relate to him quite a bit (Who doesn’t act sluggish when they are high as s**t?).

If Dave Chappelle ever decides to remake Half-Baked, “Mothership” has to be the movie’s theme song!



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