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Key Rhymez Keeps It Real On “Sorry”

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Key Rhymez


Key Rhymez puts up a fearless performance on “Sorry.”

Key Rhymez is one of those musicians that can spit bars with the best of them. However, on “Sorry,” he draws us in by singing audaciously.

“Sorry” is powered by production that is so emotional, I shed a tear while listening to it. As for Key Rhymez, on the song, he hits us with a vocal performance that straddles the line between soulful and daring, a rapping performance that straddles the line between grungy and feverish, and lyrics that straddle the line between apologetic and candid (He talks about giving up on a relationship that has made him feel both guilty and stressed in the song). While you will be engulfed in the song’s dramatic vibes, there are some edgy vibes that might catch your attention, too.

Check out “Sorry” at the top of the page. Trust me, the song will get you in your feelings.



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