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Vibrant Swings Perform Live

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Vibrant Swings perform a few of their songs live at the pickle palace in Savannah, GA.

Vibrant Swings are a two-piece band originally from Macon, GA, but now in Jacksonville, Florida. Daniel Adkins is on the vocals, guitar, bass, and keys, while Cameron Hampton is on the drums and the keys. On the video you see up top, you get a chance to see the duo perform a few of their biggest songs.

Each song that is performed by Vibrant Swings features hard-hitting drumming, tons of bass, guitar-play that is electrifying, and vocal performances that are beyond daring. Do I understand what is being said? No, I don’t, but judging by the vibes I hear, it has to be some riveting stuff! If I had it my way, I would love to see the band perform live.

Make sure you check out Vibrant Swings’ live performance at the top of the page!

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