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Lily Frost Shows Off Her Rebellious Side On “Lay Low”


Lily Frost


“Lay Low” is off of Lily Frost’s Retro-Moderne album.

Lily Frost is a highly successful songwriter. Throughout the years, she has been involved in the making of over 14 album releases (Including her own work). On Retro-Moderne, her latest album, the Toronto native shows the world that she is more than capable of making a body-of-work that has her singing freely and speaking fearlessly.

Retro-Moderne features music that marries trip-hop, pop, and jazz. One of my favorite songs off of the album is “Lay Low” — a tuneful gem that features a hard-hitting/blissful instrumental, rebellious lyrics, and a vocal performance that straddles the line between thunderous and soothing. While I think it is impossible to not be sucked in by the vibes the song gives off, do not ignore the stirring lyrics that Lily dishes out.

Make sure you check out “Lay Low” by Lily Frost. Also, make sure you check out Retro-Moderne.






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