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Creeping Charlie Comes Across As Enchanting On “Let Me Know”


Creeping Charlie


“Let Me Know” will make you feel all good inside.

During these tough times, we need music that is positive. Fortunately for us, that is the type of music that Creeping Charlie typically makes. Last week, the LA-based indie artist dropped Asymmetrical — a five-track EP that features nothing but spirited music.

One of my favorite songs off of Asymmetrical is “Let Me Know.” On it, you get to hear an instrumental that is both soothing and stimulating and heartwarming lyrics about finding love both naturally and patiently. You also get a vocal performance by Creeping Charlie (aka Julia Eubanks) that is beyond pacifying. All in all, if you are into music that is absolutely charming, look no further than “Let Me Know!”

I highly recommend that you give “Let Me Know” by Creeping Charlie a shot. Also, check out Asymmetrical HERE.




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