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The Weeknd & Doja Cat Unite For “In Your Eyes (Remix)”

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The Weeknd & Doja Cat


The Weeknd adds Doja Cat to one of my favorite songs off of After Hours.

Right now, Doja Cat is on fire (Apparently, Lana Del Rey doesn’t think so). If you look at today’s Billboard chart, you will see the Californian’s name near the top. Today, Doja has decided to keep the hits coming by hopping on a remix to The Weeknd’s “In Your Eyes” hit.

“In Your Eyes” is jazzy, charming, funky, and hella infectious. If you love The Weeknd when he is being adorable, you will definitely love the song. As for Doja Cat, what she adds to the song is a well-needed woman’s perspective, glowy vocals, and a few gritty raps. Matter of fact, if you love the version of Doja Cat that you get on “Say So,” you will like “In Your Eyes (Remix).”

I’m so glad that true talent like The Weeknd and Doja Cat are winning right now.

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