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Electric Polar Bears’ “Break The Ice” Oozes Of Party Vibes

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Electric Polar Bears

“Break The Ice” will make you miss pool parties.

If you aren’t familiar with Electric Polar Bears, get familiar. They are a house group that is gaining tons of momentum. Before the coronavirus shut down most of America, Electric Polar Bears was rocking clubs all over the west coast.

The original version of “Break The Ice” features tons of bass and epic build-ups. From the moment you press play on the song, your heart should start racing. As someone who loves to party in Vegas, I could see how a weekend there can look like the music video to the song. As for the Freshcobar & Lavelle Dupree remix to “Break The Ice,” it feels a bit darker and a lot more intense. I could see the remix being played in nightclubs after 2 AM.

Listen to “Break The Ice” at the top of the page. Also, listen to “Break The Ice (Remix)” HERE!




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