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Listen To “JIVE JIVE” By Corbin Canvas



Corbin Canvas

Corbin Canvas blends a myriad of genres to create a body-of-work that is beyond thrilling.

So who is Corbin Canvas? He is a brilliant musician that knows how to make funk, hip-hop, and house music play nice with one another. On his latest EP, JIVE JIVE, the New York-based artist finds a way to get us to both dance and feel rejuvenated.

I love how versatile JIVE JIVE sounds. On it, you get a song like “Jive Turkey” that gives off futuristic dance vibes, a song like “Function” that gives off hypnotizing vibes, and a song like “Bad Mon” that gives off both hip-hop and reggae vibes. You also get an intermission called “Chicken Over Rice” that is better than a bunch of regular songs.

Listen to JIVE JIVE by Corbin Canvas.




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