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Lil Yachty Drops “Split/Whole Time”

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Lil Yachty


This is the version of Lil Yachty that I f**k with!

Believe it or not, I am looking forward to Lil Boat 3. On it, I expect to hear a few misses, but I also expect to hear a few hits, too. Today, Lil Yachty decided to release a new banger off of the upcoming album called “Split/Whole Time.”

“Split” and “Whole Time” are both really good songs. “Split” features savage-ass bars and a beat that will make you nod your head violently. As for “Whole Time,” it features a myriad of rap styles, tons of braggadocios lyrics, and a beat that has some serious bass attached to it. Combined, the two songs will make you a believer in Yachty.

I’m starting to like Lil Yachty, folks!

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