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Gucci Mane & Lil Baby Link Up For “Both Sides”

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Gucci Mane & Lil Baby


Why did ya’ll think that the Coronavirus would stop Gucci Mane and Lil Baby from mobbin?

Whether you like it or not, Atlanta is running the rap game right now. A bunch of artists from the city are selling well, while others are cementing themselves as bonafide legends. Today, two of Atlanta’s biggest players, Gucci Mane and Lil Baby, decided to join forces for “Both Sides.”

“Both Sides” is harder than left out McDonald’s french fries. On the song, you get a beat that is trap-riveting, a hook by Lil Baby that is slightly melodic but all-the-way trill, and verses by Baby and Gucci Mane that are as violent, hood-authentic, and raw as it gets. While listening to the song, I thought about purchasing one of those deadly Nerf guns (Don’t sleep, those guns can do some serious damage).

Don’t you wish that Minnesota cop tried to pull some s**t in whatever hood Lil Baby and Gucci Mane are in in the music video you see up top? (SMH. Rest in peace George Floyd)

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