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Mark Universe Goes Off On “High Beaming and Steaming”

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Mark Universe


Reminder: Mark Universe is better than your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.

Mark Universe never disappoints. On every song he has made, it is a guarantee that you will hear either a catchy hook, an explosive beat, or next-level raps (Majority of the songs he releases features all three). Today, the Alabama native decided to return to the scene with “High Beaming and Steaming” — a song that is jaw-dropping.

“High Beaming and Steaming” features an action-packed beat, impregnable rap flows, astute punchlines, and competitive lyrics. From the moment you press play on the song, you can tell that Mark Universe wants to show the world that his skills and work ethic has led him to be on a different universe from the weak-minded. He also reminds the world that he could rap circles around anyone you think is a good rapper.

Check out “High Beaming and Steaming” at the top of the page! Trust me, the song is HOT!

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