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Nasty C & T.I. Unite For The Very Powerful “They Don’t”





Since George Floyd’s ridiculous murder, so many artists have dropped music that aims to call out oppressors. While most of the songs feature rebellious vibes, “They Don’t” with Nasty C and T.I. gives off soothing vibes.

I love me some “They Don’t!” The melodies you hear on the song are infectious, the vibes you hear on the song are soothing, and the lyrics you hear on the song are inspirational. While Nasty C comes across like a black man that simply wants a fair opportunity to be great on his verse, T.I. comes across like a disgruntled black man that is fed up with all of the bulls**t that the black community has to deal with on his.

Listen to “They Don’t” at the top of the page!

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