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Listen To EP “Stranger” By Albert Mikkelsen



Albert Mikkelsen

Albert Mikkelsen shines bright on the very powerful EP “Stranger.”

Albert Mikkelsen isn’t just a musician, he is also a fantastic storyteller. On Stranger, the talented rocker tells the story of a deserter/soldier that is on a journey to find hope in the midst of PTSD, anxiety, regret, and alienation.

On Stranger, Albert Mikkelsen does everything in his power to make you feel the despair that someone who is both mentally and physically lost has to overcome. Production-wise, the EP does a good job of blending passionate and hard-hitting vibes, rock and pop elements, and cinematic and melodic feels. Vocally, you’re going to love how Albert relies on pure passion to carry him to the finish line of every single song. All in all, If you are someone that believes music is more than something you listen to, Stranger should catch your attention.

Listen to the very powerful Stranger below! In my humbling opinion, it’s one of the best projects I’ve heard this year.




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