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Teyana Taylor & Iman Link Up For “Wake Up Love”


Teyana Taylor & Iman


Teyana and Iman are such an adorable couple.

Teyana Taylor is talented as hell. She can dance, she can act, and she can definitely sing. Even though COVID-19 has f**ked up most people’s 2020s, I do think that Teyana can still come out as a major winner this year. Today, Teyana decided to continue on with her winning ways by dropping a new single called “Wake Up Love.”

“Wake Up Love” is powered by a traditional R&B beat, traditional R&B melodies, and traditional R&B lyrics. What makes the song unique is that Teyana reaches notes that are higher than Tacko Fall on it. The song also features a verse by Iman (Shumpert) that has him sounding like Mase before he started wearing shiny suits and s**t.

Apparently, Iman Shumpert’s rap name is ‘Iman Nunez’… Can someone school me on where Nunez came from?

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