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J. Cole Returns With “Snow On Tha Bluff”


J. Cole


J. Cole is the only person that can save 2020.

When J. Cole speaks, I listen. Though he hasn’t said much on social media during these very tough times, in “Snow On Tha Bluff,” his latest single, he goes on and on about black empowerment.

“Snow On Tha Bluff” features bars by Cole that are meaningful, inspirational, gritty, and slightly controversial. The song also features a rap flow by the Fayetteville native that is beyond unflappable, a comforting beat, and shots towards Noname (He talks about the tearing down as opposed to building up that people like Noname do to celebrities that aren’t woke).

We need to applaud folks that respond to s**t exactly how they want to.

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