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Listen To “Stick To Yo Change” By Pimpin Change



Pimpin Change

“Stick To Yo Change” is a 12-track album that is full of unique bangers.

Pimpin Change isn’t just a rapper, he is also a poet. Whenever you press play on one of his songs, you can expect to hear lyrics that are expressive and beats that are hypnotizing. On Stick To Yo Change, Pimpin Change’s latest project, he shines by gifting us with twelve tracks that will have you thinking outside of the box.

So what makes Stick To Yo Change so great? First and foremost, I love how unpredictable the body of work is. While you may hear an energetic song like “Wit That Bounce” on the album, you will also hear a song like “Fair Chance” that boasts comforting vibes, a song like “Me & You” that boasts lively vibes, and a song like “Mean Wit That Walk” that features old school southern vibes. As for lyrically, you’re going to love how Pimpin Change keeps it real when it comes to talking about his romantic relationships and trill ways throughout the album.

Stick To Yo Change is a complete body-of-work that I recommend that you listen to. Give it a shot below!




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