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Xaeproducedit, Johnny Dripp Cho Cho & Musa 40 Show No Mercy On “Shoot”

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Xaeproducedit, Johnny Dripp Cho Cho & Musa 40


Xaeproducedit and his homies aren’t average joes.

If you love hip-hop, you will love Xaeproducedit. His music reminds me of some old school southern s**t. Today, Xae decided to release “Shoot” — an exhilarating trap banger that is way too trill to ignore.

You will get hyped-up listening to “Shoot.” The song boasts a beat that is full of gutter vibes, a very catchy hook, and lyrics that are terrorizing (Everyone on the song talks about blasting their guns). Though XaeProducedit, Johnny Dripp Cho Cho, and Musa 40 don’t quite sound like folks you would want babysitting your kids, they do sound like folks that can get a trap jumpin’ quick as hell!

Listen to “Shoot” at the top of the page!



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