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SmokePurpp – Florida JITT (Album Review)

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SmokePurpp acts ungodly on “Florida JIT.”





“Chopstix” closes out Florida JIT explosively.

On “Chopstix,” Smokepurpp is as reckless as he’s ever been. Not only does he talk about being in the trap with more guns than the white guy from Doom, but he also brags about his horny women and mischievous ways. Though the song isn’t the most unique on the album, I do think it features a sound that Smokepurpp typically excels using.




Smokepurpp is beyond rebellious on “It’s Whatever.”

“It’s Whatever” is powered by a bass boomin’ beat that just got arrested for disturbing the peace. Over it, Smokepurpp ferociously reminds the world that he is all about crushing his competition, switching-up girls, and getting money. While he doesn’t say anything special on the song, I absolutely love how, vocally, he sounds like a trap villain on it.




“Not Code” is colder than a muthaf*cka!

I really like how SmokePurpp plays a hood savant on “Not Code.” Throughout the song, he comes across like a n***a that knows exactly how to get respect from the biggest demons of the world. I also like how ”Purpp sounds like a Wal-Mart brand Roddy Ricch on the song (That’s not an insult, folks)




Lil Purpp and Lil Pump go off on “Off My Chest.”

I like “Off My Chest” (No, there isn’t a gun to my head right now). On it, Lil Pump and Smokepurpp hit us with verses that feature tons of energy, lyrics that are supposed to start riots, and flows that are somewhat complex. My only issue with the song is that there isn’t enough talk about Hydroxychloriquine on it (These dudes are taking all of these different drugs, why not try Hydroxychloriquine?).




“Pop Shit” is the only song on Florida JIT that I would call “decent.”

“Pop Shit” is a banger that features one of the toughest beats I’ve heard this year, tons of gun talk, and flows that are impregnable. I can honestly say that Smokepurpp did everything right on the song.


1. POP SHIT (3.5/5)

2. OFF MY CHEST (3.5/5)

3. ONE PLAY (2.5/5)

4. NOT CODE (3/5)


6. OUTSIDE (3/5)

7. IT’S WHATEVER (3.5/5)

8. 1ST & 3RD (3/5)

9. MINK COAT (3/5)

10. ENDS (3/5)

11. I’M HIM (2.5/5)

12. FISHSCALE (2.5/5)

13. FLORIDA JIT (2/5)

14. 24S (1.5/5)

15. TIDE PEN (2.5/5)

16. BIG DAWG (3/5)

17. CHOPSTIX (3/5)




Florida JIT proves that an album can be both enjoyable and bad. While it boasts adrenaline-filled beats, hooks that are catchy, and rap flows that are intriguing, I can honestly say that I didn’t hear a single song that I would call “good.”

The one thing that SmokePurpp does well on Florida JIT is rap with confidence. From the moment you press play on the album, you get verses from him that sound like they grew up with military parents. What I thought he didn’t do on Florida JIT was experiment with different sounds (He typically likes to show off his versatility on albums) and talk about meaningful s**t. At the end of the day, I didn’t expect the album to be good, I just expected it to rile me up in every kind of way (And it did).

12 thoughts on “SmokePurpp – Florida JITT (Album Review)

  1. This album was not as bad as his last one. I’d definitely lean more towards a C-. He got some catchy songs on this album.

    1. It’s definitely entertaining, but unfortunately, I think it is far from good… I can see where you’re coming from though.

  2. 2nd half of the album was god awful. The track “Fishscale” made me deaf. Worst track of the year hands down.

    1. Fishscale was disgraceful. It was so bad I contemplated asking Smokepurpp for my money back and I didn’t even pay money to listen to the album.

  3. Trash album
    Favorite tracks: Tide Pen, Not Code
    Least favorite track: Literally everything else.

    1. I will have to listen to Tide Pen again. I definitely didn’t notice it on the few listens I did.

      I thought Not Code was one of the standouts for sure. I’m surprised you didn’t like “Pop Shit.” I thought that song was actually decent.

  4. I would rate Florida Jit by Smokepurpp a 6.5/10 or a 3.25/5
    5 Favourite tracks: Off My Chest, Pop Shit, Big Dawg, It’s Whatever, 1st & 3rd
    5 Least favourite tracks: Hangin out the Roof, One Play, Outside, Chopstix, Fish Scale

    1. We agree with almost everything! “Big Dawg” turned out to be a song I was meh on. But it’s definitely one of the best songs on the album by default. I need to go back and listen to 1st and 3rd now that you mentioned it.

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