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Phantom Phunk’s “A Week Ago” Will Put You On Cloud Nine

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Phantom Phunk A Week Ago Cover Art


Phantom Phunk


Phantom Phunk keeps the hits coming.

Phantom Phunk is easily one of the dopest bands I’ve listened to in my life. What I love about them is that they do a fantastic job of making psychedelic rock and cloud rap play nice with one another in their music. “A Week Ago,” Phantom Phunk’s latest single, showcases the numerous ways they can put those who truly love music in a spell.

You gotta love the many emotions you hear on “A Week Ago.” For starters, the song is powered by an instrumental that is as lively as it gets and vocals by Parry Ace that are beyond mesmerizing. CloudMaster Price’s hard-hitting yet thought-provoking bars about living life freely only adds to the song’s effortlessly rebellious ways. All in all, if you need to listen to one song to help you escape the horrors of the world, “A Week Ago” is it!

Hold tight, “A Week Ago” will be releasing on all major music streaming platforms June 25th!

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