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6LACK Releases “Float” On His 28th Birthday




6LACK is officially 6ACK!

As I stated in the post before this one, Friday should be a very emotional day. Not only is August Alsina coming out with a project, but so is 6LACK. Today, the latter decided to release a new single off of his upcoming EP called “Float,” and on it, he sounds like he’s in prime depressing form.

“Float” is one of the most sobering songs I’ve heard this year. It features a smooth trap beat that does everything in its power to make my mixed drink taste bitter, vocals that are designed to make your soul hurt, and lyrics that are supposed to make you hold on tight to your lover while you try to stay afloat in this cruel world. I don’t want to say I cried after listening to the song, but dammit, I cried harder than Dennis Rodman did when he tried to explain to the world how great of a person Kim Jong Un was.

I’m not sure 6LACK has had a single good day.


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