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Tyga Parties Hard On “Ibiza”




Can someone tell Tyga that the coronavirus numbers are rising worldwide right now?

Tyga has become a better artist since he and Kylie Jenner went their separate ways. In my opinion, he sounds a lot more focused these days. Today, Tyga decided to drop “Ibiza” — a banger that I think will get major burn in whatever club that is open right now.

“Ibiza” is powered by a DJ Mustard beat that highlights saxophone abuse. Over it, Tyga recklessly raps about popping mollies, smashing chicks in backseats of cars, and throwing outrageous parties. Though the rapping on the song isn’t innovative, I do think it is hella appealing. S**t, the song made me want to redownload my Expedia app.

Tyga won’t rest until he gets COVID-18, COVID-19, and COVID-20.

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