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REMYDMC Calls Out A “Gold Digga” In His Latest Quarantine Release

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REMYDMC’s quarantine releases have been fantastic!

A lot of good music has released these last couple of months. For a bunch of artists, being in quarantine has allowed them to be extra focused on their craft. Someone who has dropped amazing music while in quarantine is REMYDMC. To me, his latest release, “Gold Digga,” is the definition of an all-around great song.

“Gold Digga” is one of the best songs out of REMYDMC’s Quarantine series. For starters, I absolutely love how the beat that powers the song is hard-hitting but also colder than that one dusty-ass bottle of ketchup that is in the back of your fridge. I also love how REMYDMC hops on the beat and gifts us with a style of rapping that is gritty, vocals that are highly infectious, and lyrics that are blunt (In the song, he talks about stiff-arming a girl that relies on him more than the Lakers rely on Lebron). All in all, you have to appreciate how REMYDMC merged a bunch of different styles to create “Gold Digga.”

Listen to “Gold Digga” at the top of the page. Also, check out REMYDMC’s Quarantine releases HERE!



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