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Ty Dolla $ign Calls On Kanye West, FKA Twigs & Skillrex For “Ego Death”

Whatchu Think?


Ty Dolla $ign, Kanye West, Skillrex & FKA Twigs


Ty Dolla $ign decided to make a song with a bunch of people that I would hate to be stuck in an uber with.

I love me some Ty Dolla $ign! Though he’s really good at helping other artists complete their songs, I think he’s fantastic when he’s the lead-man on a song. Today, Ty decided to release “Ego Death” — an EDM banger that I think could tear weirdo clubs up!

“Ego Death” is “Fade” under the influence of ‘Shrooms. On the song, you get an uptempo house beat, some random adlibs by FKA Twigs, and a performance by Ty Dolla $ign that is infectious and slightly mopey (He talks about having a wishy-washy relationship with this ultimate party girl). As for Kanye West, he drops a rant verse on the song that is woke-ish, slightly controversial, and hella animated. If you weren’t a fan of the Chicago rapper before hearing “Ego Death,” you won’t be a fan of him even more after listening to the song.

Do ya’ll think Kanye’s comments about half-movements is a shot at Jay-Z (Remember, Jay-Z was telling artists not to perform at the super bowl a year ago)?


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