6ix9ine tries to use his inside voice on “YAYA.”

6ix9ine has been less than quiet since being released from jail. Not only has he tried to incite beef with a bunch of rappers, but he has also been dropping explosive music. Today, 6ix9ine decided to release “YAYA” — a Spanish banger that girls with no morals and big butts will enjoy.

I failed Spanish in high school, so I have no clue what 6ix9ine is saying on “YAYA.” I will say this, though: I like the energy attached to the song’s beat and how 6ix9ine doesn’t try to overpower that energy at all. What I don’t like about the song is how it’s structured (S**t seems all over the place, to me).

If this song goes number one, it’s confirmed that 6ix9ine is using bots.