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Tory Lanez & Kevin Gates Unite For “Convertible Burt”

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Tory Lanez & Kevin Gates


“Convertible Burt” is off of the Fast & Furious 9 soundtrack.

Can we thank the good people behind this new Fast & Furious soundtrack for getting Tory Lanez and Kevin Gates on a song together? While we’re thanking people, can we also thank Tory and Gates for sounding like n***as that appreciate nice cars, sexy women, hard-hitting raps, and infectious melodies on ”Convertible Burt?” No thank you has to go to the song’s beat for challenging my car’s speakers to a fight, though.

So you mean to tell me that Dominic has been able to escape death for nine straight Fast & Furious movies? (At a certain point, we have to be realistic here)

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