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B-Flame Does It All On “Tresc Run”

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B-Flame sings soulfully and raps grittily on “Tresc Run.”

B-Flame is an up-and-coming rapper that, at the moment, resides in Vienna, Austria. What I find dope about him is that he gives off the aura of someone that wants to be great. One of B-Flame’s best songs to-date is “Tresc Run” — a smooth banger that has him doing a little bit of everything.

I love the smooth beat, the melody, the honest lyrics, the hard-hitting raps, and the infectious hook that powers “Tresc Run.”  Though B-Flame is a one-man show on the song, he does a fantastic job of merging two sounds together: A gentle sound and a bit of a grungy sound. I also love how B-Flame holds nothing back when it comes to talking about his come-up, his loving ways, and his unflappable mentalty in the song.

“Tresc Run” is an all-around good song. Listen to it at the top of the page!

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