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Aminé & Young Thug Join Forces For “Compensating”

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Aminé & Young Thug


“Compensating” is off of Aminé’s upcoming “Limbo” album.

Aminé and Young Thug are two artists that are just different from everyone else in the hip-hop game. While they aren’t the greatest singers or rappers, it’s their quirkiness that makes them stand out, to me. Today, Amine and Young Thug decided to drop their new collaboration titled “Compensating.”

“Compensating” is colorful, sly, infectious, and pimpadocios. While Aminé kills s**t by gifting us with a hook that is hypnotizing and a verse that is rawer than 711 hot dogs, Young Thug completes the song with a verse that has him sounding like a playa that has tons of money, tons of women, and tons of drugs.

While you’re listening to “Compensating,” you will be encouraged to moonwalk, breakdance, or do the Urkel.


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