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Russ Lets His Heart Bleed On “Give Up”

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Russ is capable of making every song in the book.

Russ is slowly becoming one of my favorite musicians in the game. I love how he switches between aggressive rapper and comforting singer in his music, and definitely f**k with his ability to construct a hit from scratch. Today, Russ decided to release “Give Up” — a soulful banger that has him hitting notes that I didn’t know he can hit.

The amount of vulnerability that is displayed on “Give Up” is astonishing. Not only does Russ come across like a butt-hurt ex-boyfriend that doesn’t know how to let s**t go on the song, but he also shows zero fear in singing like someone that is a beast at garage band. Nonetheless, I love the melody, the deep lyrics, and the smooth beat that you hear on the song.

Listen to “Give Up” at the top of the page.

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